We would like to welcome you in ÇAKMAKTAŞ branches to try out our brand new flavors.

In an age that inhales with alteration, In a world that replaces the old habitual practice with the innovation every day, ÇAKMAKTAŞ represents the new alternatives in our eating and drinking culture for your appreciation.

ÇAKMAKTAŞ arise in 2015 and rapidly spread out to the centre of atraction of the cities by intending to give inspiration to our life styles.

With your friends;
• Taste the different kind of tea and coffee come from all round the world.
• Taste the best dishes made out of the most fresh and natural materials.
• Taste the detox drinks aspecialy concerning our healty life style concept.
• Taste the sweets that are poor in calory but generous in flavor.
• And feel the comfort and the elegant atmosphere that we borrowed from your home.

We would love to welcome you in ÇAKMAKTAŞ branchs to give the degree of maturity with a cup of coffee to your chats with your beloved ones or to indulge yourself with our gourmet flavors.

Our company's official social media accounts is as follows.

https://www.facebook.com/cakmaktascaf to